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There are a number of good reasons to talk with a professional about your problems. A psychologist is trained in assessing, diagnosing, and treating a wide range of issues thoroughly and objectively. Being in therapy to deal with your concerns does not mean that you are "crazy". Instead, it's a positive first step in acknowledging your problem and seeking help to resolve it.

My approach is solution-focused and proactive. We will work as a team to find effective ways of dealing with stressors. I can help you develop coping skills, which can be used in many situations throughout life, and learn new techniques to be in control of your own life.

You will find that I am honest and direct, since our goal is to gain clarity and implement change in an efficient manner.

A person should not define themselves by their issues or diagnosis. We are all unique with different personalities, so what works for one, may not work for another. Therefore, my tailored approach allows me to address an individual's needs.

Children ( ages 6 and up)

One of my primary goals when working with children is to gain their trust and provide a relaxed, positive place to deal with the challenges they are facing. Since children are not always able to verbalize their feelings or stressors, it is important to be observant and attentive to their nonverbal expressions. Therefore, I may incorporate play therapy techniques to help your child express themselves. I also work collaboratively with parents, guardians, additional family members, and other important figures in the child's life in order to best provide for your child.

Another vital component is providing help with parenting skills. It is easy for parents to become overwhelmed when serious problems arise, and at times, some direction can make a big difference.

Most importantly, my office is a safe place to explore feelings and work on new, adaptable (appropriate) behaviors for everyone.


Life can often be confusing and overwhelming, especially for teens. Peer pressure, difficulty with grades and study skills, alcohol and drugs, anxiety and depression, as well as other challenges, can cause life to seem out of control.

Teens may feel misunderstood, unheard, and ineffective in their lives. Often they are searching to understand who they are and where they fit in. I can help teens find a voice, and enable them and their families to move in a positive direction.

Expertise in the following areas for both children and teens: Attention Deficit Disorders, anxiety, depressed mood, behavioral problems (both at home and school), Aspergers, Tourette's, as well as coping with stressors such as divorce, grief, bullying, and peer pressure.


I like to view the therapeutic relationship as a team approach. Together, we establish goals, form an agenda, and develop the trust needed to make the necessary changes in your life. This may involve resolving past issues that have been allowed to interfere for years. It also involves learning new ways of resolving problems, which can be applied to a variety of issues that may arise in the future. Each treatment plan is uniquely designed to fit the individual.


Based on my experience, I find that couples often get stuck in patterns of behavior that are familiar but dysfunctional. We will work to identify and change these patterns as well as resolve any conflicts within your relationship. Healthier strategies for problem solving will be explored and practiced. Another common issue is the need to improve communication and listening skills. Couples can develop anger or frustration when they feel their needs are not met or are unheard. (In addition, we will work on a variety of issues that may arise in a relationship including: general dissatisfaction, parenting decisions, sexual issues, discussion of separation or divorce.)


Family therapy creates an opportunity for members to learn more positive ways of interacting. Often, communication can break down and you may find that individuals align themselves with old ways of thinking. We will work on identifying and changing attitudes and behaviors to make relationships more productive.