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Information discussed in session is confidential. If I determine that you are dangerous to yourself or someone else, confidentiality may be compromised. If child abuse or neglect is detected, I am mandated by state law to report it.

In addition, full confidentiality does not apply if you are using insurance, since your carrier will require a diagnosis and perhaps further information to process your claims. In certain legal situations, the court and, at times, attorneys require updates and reports. When employers are involved with workers' compensation or short/long term disability is a concern, then others involved in your case may need information. With minors, I will ask the parent or guardian for confidentiality, which also has its limits and is not absolute.

Confidentiality With Minors

Parents or guardians control confidentiality decisions for minors. If the parent or guardian consents, then confidentiality can be established with minor children in most situations. Note: exceptions still exist.


All cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment or a fee will be charged.

Payment of Copays and Session Fees

Full payment is due prior to each session (or copays if insurance is used)
All credit cards are accepted